Kayak Car Rental Costco Announces $4.5M Deal With KayakCars, A $1.8M Deal with Amazon Prime Now

Costco, the online retail giant, announced Monday that it has reached a $1 million deal with Amazon to launch a new fleet of kayaks at its stores and online.

The company says the new boats will be available for purchase through Amazon Prime Instant Video beginning in January.

Costco is the latest retailer to make its own online fleet of rental kayaks.

Last year, Walmart partnered with a company called KayakRental.com to launch its own rental fleet of boats.

The company has not said when the new fleet will be ready to use, though the boats have already been in stores and in online bidding.

Costa Rica, Costa RicaCosta Rican authorities have been cracking down on foreign-owned companies, which are prohibited from owning, leasing or trading land in the country.

The country is also one of the poorest in the Americas, with an estimated poverty rate of about 8 percent.

Costabranca Mayor José Carlos Montes told Reuters that the move was in the city’s interest to attract foreign investment.

The government, which is also pushing for a new national transportation plan, is also seeking to expand the country’s maritime zone, which includes Costa Rica’s islands and other offshore areas.

Costas is one of Costa Ricas poorest countries, according to the United Nations World Food Program.

The U.N. says the country has the third highest number of children under five living in poverty in the world, and one of three nations in Central America to have a high rate of infant mortality.