Canadian car insurer says it’s moving away from its Obamacare plan and replacing it with an alternative

Canadian auto insurer Dodge says it will not cover all of its customers’ Affordable Care Act coverage.

The Calgary-based company said Monday that it will cover a smaller percentage of enrollees in 2019, with a new plan covering some enrollees with incomes of less than $40,000.

Dodge said that some enrolments that previously had been covered by the insurer will not be covered.

The insurer said it plans to offer new insurance plans that cover enrollees earning between $40-60,000, while those earning more will be covered by a new option that includes a “lower deductible, no copayment, and no coinsurance.”

Dodge said it’s also moving away as quickly as possible from its former Obamacare plan, which it said it will leave up to the states and insurers.

But that plan will remain in effect for six months, with plans beginning in 2019.

It said it also would offer a “slightly lower premium” for some enrollee income ranges.

A few months ago, Dodge said, it was looking at offering “a single plan for all enrollees.”

But it says it is now “actively reviewing the affordability and timeliness of the ACA marketplace,” and will “not be able to offer single coverage at this time.”

In January, Dodge announced that it would stop offering its ACA plans, citing the rising cost of health care.

But the company said that it was still considering expanding coverage in 2019 and beyond.

The company said it would offer its current ACA plans with the same deductibles and co-pays as it does today.

The Canadian insurance regulator has said that if the company continues to offer its Obamacare plans, it will be subject to the rules of the federal Health Accord.

It has said Dodge has to pay about $300 million in fines.

The new plan will cover about 6,000 people.