How to keep your kids from crying at bedtime

You can make your kids cry at bed time by placing them in the right car seat and having them get a good night’s sleep.

In a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and published in Pediatrics, the AAP recommends parents place their infants in the backseat of the car seat in order to avoid a crash and other consequences.

The AAP recommends the child is put into the carseat in a car seat harness, which is the seatbelt of choice for all children.

“For infants, this seatbelt is a safer, more secure position that will help prevent injuries and the potential for suffocation,” the AAP says in the study.

While the study was conducted with car seat use, there are other methods of keeping your kids comfortable, including using a baby sitter or crib that comes with a child safety seat, according to the AAP.

But the AAP also advises parents to be wary of placing their children in an upright position with their head down when they are sleeping.

If your child has a developmental delay, the study says that parents should consider using an infant crib to help the child sleep while they are still in the womb.

You can also use a booster seat or car seat that comes equipped with a seat belt, but not all cars feature booster seats.

To prevent your children from falling asleep while they sleep in a seat, it is important to have them lie down on their back or in a rocking chair so they are not on their backs.