The ’emergency’ care center at the hospital where a doctor was gunned down is closed by ambulance

The family of a man who was gunned to death in a medical facility in Halifax last month are asking the provincial government to reopen the facility.

The emergency care center, at the University Health Network Centre, was closed after a doctor who worked at the facility in Dartmouth was shot dead last month.

The hospital’s medical director, Dr. Andrew Purdy, was shot multiple times in the head and left for dead in a parking lot of the hospital on June 27.

He died three days later.

The family has asked the province to reopen, saying the emergency room was overcrowded and patients had been sent to the nearby Dartmouth General Hospital, where they were treated.

The Nova Scotia Health Authority is responsible for the emergency care facility and is not responsible for managing it.

Purdy’s family has called the closure a “senseless tragedy,” saying he had been working on his case and was scheduled to be transferred to Dartmouth General.

Pressed on what the family thinks needs to be done to improve care, the organization said in a statement it is working to increase access to care and ensure safe, timely and affordable care to all Nova Scotians.

The agency has a 24/7 call centre to coordinate the health care of all Nova Scotia residents.