Toyota recalls 2.7 million cars with ‘electrical’ steering column

Toyota has recalled about 2.5 million Lexus vehicles with electrical steering column components in the US and Canada.

The recall covers vehicles from 2007 through 2021, according to a Toyota spokesman.

The company said the electrical steering columns can damage the airbag and airbag shield, which can prevent the airbags from deploying properly and cause an airbag failure.

The issue could be serious because they are designed to prevent airbag deployment by controlling the amount of force applied by a driver’s foot to the steering wheel.

In a statement, Toyota said it is aware of the problem and is working with safety regulators to address it.

Toyota’s recall comes just weeks after Volkswagen was forced to recall 1.2 million vehicles for a software problem that could allow an electronic control module to turn on and off.

The company said its recall was due to “systems error.”

Toyota said it has not identified any specific vehicle with the problem, but it is working on identifying all of its affected models.