Tesla’s first electric car project car charger could soon hit the market

Tesla is testing an electric car charger that could eventually make its way to the market, the company announced Tuesday.

The company’s new Powerwall battery pack, which is being built at its Fremont, Calif., headquarters, is designed to help power Tesla vehicles with its solar arrays and can deliver up to 20 percent of the power it uses.

Tesla says it is using a battery pack designed by Panasonic and the company has an exclusive license to make the battery.

The battery pack will be available for sale in 2019, according to Tesla.

The Powerwall has a capacity of about 30 kilowatts, and the first of the Powerwall models to be produced will have a capacity more than 20 times greater.

The battery pack can power up to a Tesla Model S P90D, with a range of about 140 miles on a single charge, Tesla said in a statement.

The new battery is expected to provide up to 400 kilowatt-hours of battery power for the Model S.

Tesla said it has been in talks with Panasonic about the Powerpack battery pack.

It said that Panasonic is “extremely committed to creating the most energy-efficient electric vehicles and has a deep understanding of electric vehicle powertrain performance, including its lithium-ion battery technology.”