Why car auctions are better than eBay, says eBay boss

eBay is going after car sales with a vengeance, but it’s also getting to know car buyers, a new study suggests.

Read moreThe study by US-based consulting firm IHS Automotive looked at the buying habits of more than 6,000 people, asking them to rate their overall satisfaction with the way eBay handles car auctions.

They said that while eBay’s site does offer the ability to bid on cars, the bidding process can be a bit finicky.

While the results suggest that the company has improved its ability to do business with car buyers since its founding, they also revealed some surprising findings.

The report found that the average buyer reported the most frustration with eBay when it came to getting their car sorted out, with a median of nearly 30%.

The survey also found that nearly half of buyers reported that eBay would be less likely to buy their car if it did not require a $3,000 deposit.

More: This is what it’s like to buy a car on eBayRead moreWhat this means is that if you are a car buyer, the online auction site can be frustrating and even downright intimidating.

But for a lot of car buyers it can also be the most effective way to get their car in the hands of someone who can sort it out.

While many people think the online car auction site is great at making it easier for people to sell their car, the survey also showed that most of the time the site isn’t.

For example, in the UK, only 13% of people have used eBay to sell a car, according to the survey, while in the US, more than 60% of buyers have done so.

However, eBay’s own research found that almost a quarter of the people surveyed reported that they’d actually done it in the past.

The majority of the respondents said they’d done it for less than $3k and just over half said that the auction had done them a lot more good than bad.

It also suggested that eBay’s new approach to car auctions is working.

The company’s general manager of sales and marketing, Matt Smith, told The Independent that eBay is seeing a “great improvement” in the way car auctions work, with people using the site more frequently.

“As you get more people using eBay, you see that more people want to do auctions.

It’s more efficient and more efficient.

People can bid on a car in less time and in more efficient ways,” he said.”

We’re not able to offer a lot to the buyer, but that’s not to say that the buyer doesn’t want it.

We can offer a good deal, a good rate of return.”

It’s unclear how many people use eBay to buy cars, but Smith says the company is making improvements.

“I think our goal is to have a lot better and more accessible experience for buyers and sellers,” he told The Register.

“We are also adding a lot and improving the way we process the auctions and the ways we sell the cars to get a better deal.”

He added that the improvements to the way the site works is just one of the things that makes eBay more attractive to car buyers.

“It’s not a bad thing.

It does make things easier,” he explained.”

But it’s not something we would change for the world, because we’re not going to change the world to make cars more affordable.”

But despite this, Smith says there are plenty of people out there who would rather not have to pay a fee.

“Some people don’t want to pay the $3K, but I think that’s really the majority of people who don’t,” he added.

“If you’re not willing to pay that, then you can still buy the car online.”