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Fastmed urgently care, which operates three locations in the city of Orlando, Fla., says it will now test every driver for an elevated risk of car accident.

The company said Friday that it plans to test all drivers for the elevated risk for the first time in Orlando.

The company has been testing in the area for about a year and has tested nearly 1,300 drivers.

The elevated risk test, Fastmed says, is part of a nationwide effort to test for the common heart condition C-reactive protein, or C-REV.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates about one-third of all Americans carry the C-respiratory virus.

The C-restriction test, which Fastmed has been using for a year, is being rolled out nationwide.

Fastmed also says it is testing a test called the AutoRisk, which can detect C-RESV-positive drivers in about a third of the cars it tests.

The testing will continue until October, when it will be rolled out to the entire state of Florida, which covers nearly 4 million people, Fastness says.

Fastmed has a fleet of about 1,400 cars, with about half of the vehicles equipped with an automated emergency braking system.

That system is designed to help drivers avoid a crash when an emergency vehicle or driver fails to stop.

In the event of an emergency, the system would activate a warning system that warns drivers of a potential crash and the location where the crash may occur.

In the event that the car fails to respond to the emergency, it would disengage and turn off the brakes.