When Carly Rae Jepsen Loses Her Car, She Loses A Lot Of Money

The Carly Rae Jepens, star of the hit Netflix show, Carlyra, have been out of work for months now.

According to their social media accounts, they are currently on a five-week long layoff and are being forced to live in a trailer with a family.

While they are grateful for the support they’ve received from the public, they’re also getting some bad news.

Carly Rae’s spokesperson, Carlee Lyle, wrote on Facebook that Carly and her husband have been laid off from their job.

This is an official announcement from the Jepeses:We are truly thankful for all the love and support we’ve received, as we continue to search for our place in the world, which we love to believe will finally be in our hands once we have all of our belongings packed up and shipped to Florida.

Carly has been working from home for the last six months and will be taking a break from her job from Friday to Sunday, her spokesperson added.

The Jepses have a 6-year-old son, who was born with a congenital heart condition called a congenitally absent left ventricle, which causes the heart to stop and block oxygen, and a 13-month-old daughter, who is born with Down syndrome.

They were also unable to afford to hire a home with a bed, and they are taking in a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer, her statement read.

The couple, who are originally from Minnesota, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to start a new life in January of 2018.

The Jepns said they were working at a grocery store, and the news of their job loss came as a surprise.

“We had no idea it would affect our livelihoods,” said Carlee Jepson, who works at a restaurant in the Atlanta suburb of DeKalb.

“It’s hard to explain, but it’s really hard.”

When asked why she didn’t know about the layoffs until now, Carle Jepsment said she and her family were told that they would be paid on time but would have to spend time away from the children.

“I have been told by our manager, we can’t have that happen,” she said.

“They are making me pay, but they are not paying me.”

The Jepses’ manager said that the store’s manager and other employees were not aware of the layoff announcement until after it happened.

The manager has since left the company.

The company, however, told NBC News that the Jepsens have not been laidoff.

“No one was notified by the store manager, but the company is aware that there have been layoffs,” said a spokesperson.

Carle Rae Jepsment was also told that there would be no more job postings or phone calls.

“Our manager has made us aware that they are in the process of terminating our employment and we are looking into that,” she told NBC.

Carli Jepstein’s spokesperson also told NBC that Carli has been getting her paycheck and benefits for the past three weeks.

The spokesperson said that Carlu has been laid-off because of the health issues that her daughter is diagnosed with, but that Carl was not told about the lay-off until she was at work.

Carl Rae JEPsment, who will be 68 on Sunday, told ABC News that she has been a part of the team for more than 10 years, and that she was never told about a layoff until the news broke.

“If they were telling me, I would be like, ‘Wow, I have to start looking into my life,'” she said of her team.

“This is what it means to be a parent.

I’ve been a mom for 30 years and it was never on my mind.

I had no expectations that this would happen.”

Carly Jepsi, Carls mother, said she has also been informed of the layoffs.

“What we do here is take care of our people, not a big company,” she tweeted.

“That’s the way we work.”

“They don’t want us to be able to make our living.

So, they can just cut us loose,” she added.