Man buys used cars from Monte Carlo Express Care

A man in Argentina has spent over $2,000 on five cars for the express care of his elderly mother.

In 2015, the Argentinean woman who had Alzheimer’s disease died.

Monte Carlo-based Express Care was able to help the elderly woman and her mother with a new car loan, but they wanted to make sure she was getting a quality vehicle to keep her company.

On April 10, Monte Carlo’s Express Care began to offer the elderly mother a new 2008 Lexus LC500 and a new 2009 Audi A6 for $1,049,000.

It was a great deal for the elderly grandmother who had been using the Lexus for about three years.

However, she still needed a new chair, bed, and wardrobe for her two daughters, so the family decided to part ways with the car loan.

Monte Carlo Express care and its sister company, Express Care SA, are the world’s leading care company for the care of the elderly.

They have a total of nearly 30 million people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions.

They offer a wide range of care options to their clients including the option to pay a monthly loan for care, and a range of vehicle and maintenance options for the owners.

The Monte Carlo family was delighted to be able to share this new vehicle loan with their daughter, and they were very grateful to the Express Care family who assisted them in this transaction.

The elderly woman is now getting a brand new Lexus.