Nuna Car Seat: The $150 Nuna with a built-in baby monitor?

In case you were hoping for an extra $150 in the baby monitor, well, here’s a deal on a Nuna carseat with a baby monitor.

Nuna recently launched the Nuna S.A. car seat, which has a built in baby monitor and infant monitor, but you’ll still need to purchase a separate monitor for each seat, so if you’re not a big fan of the baby screen, the S.I.N. carseat comes with one as well.

The S.H.I., or the Standard Infant Monitor, comes with an infant monitor and an infant crib monitor, and the S3S car seat comes with a newborn monitor and crib monitor.

The car seat is available in white and blue, with the S2S available in black and white.

While it’s a bit pricier than the Nusas, the Nushas is still a nice little car seat if you have a baby with a screen or want to have a child monitor for the night.