Hyundai cars are so popular they’ll never go away

Hyundai cars have taken over the world’s highways.

Now, some car manufacturers are starting to worry.

The latest is Hyundai, which is looking to sell its brand new cars in Australia.

Hyundai will start selling the El Camino Carrera in Melbourne this year.

The car is not yet available in Australia, but it’s being marketed as a “world first”.

“It’s been designed to be an absolute street car with an aggressive, fast, high-revving, sporty character,” said spokesman Simon Thomas.

“That’s something we have always been keen on.”

The El Camo will hit Australian roads this year with a price tag of $36,800.

Its first Australian market is the Gold Coast, where the car will be sold on the day the Australian Taxation Office closes, which means the car is available on July 5.

Hydercos sales in Australia have surged since the Australian government raised its car tax from 5 per cent to 6 per cent.

“It is really exciting that we can get some momentum in the car industry, but we still have a lot to do,” said Ms Collins.