How to prevent dog bites on police cars

Dog bites are a common occurrence on police vehicles, especially if they are equipped with a dog collar.

However, the risks for people are even higher.

ABC News has learned that the risk of dog bites increases even if you have the proper training and a properly equipped dog.

The dog collar collar that many police departments require can reduce the risk for dogs by up to 90 percent.

It is important that you follow the collar manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly and securely attach the collar to your dog.

A dog collar should not be put on your dog’s head or neck.

The collar should be attached securely, but it should not overhang your dog, which is dangerous because it can cause injury or even death.

To prevent dog bite injuries, it is best to wear a dog harness or harness with a leash that is not too short, the collar should never overhang, and the collar must be kept at a comfortable angle.

A properly fitted harness with safety eyes and a harness with the collar can also prevent dog attacks.

The leash can also help prevent the dog from biting you, especially with children, as the dog can only get up to a certain height.

A collar that is designed for the purpose of harnessing a dog should not exceed 30 inches (8 feet).

You should also wear a leash or harness for at least 20 minutes a day and a leash should be fastened at the front of your dog to prevent your dog from running away.

If your dog is an adolescent, the leash should not come loose while you are in the vehicle.

A safety collar should also not be used with a large dog, as this may cause injury to the dog.

If you have a dog with a collar, the dog should never be left unattended, and it should never leave your vehicle unattended.

Keep your dog in a crate, or the dog cage should not have a door or window.

If the dog is being left unattendent, it should be placed in a separate room and monitored by a trained person.

Dogs that bite or bite at strangers are more likely to be found at night.

Do not allow a dog to run loose or to escape from you while you sleep.