BMW 328i: the perfect car for the city

BMW has just unveiled the all-new 328i, a car that’s perfectly suited to the city and the country it’s meant to fit into.

The all-wheel drive system is as luxurious as the exterior, offering a more comfortable ride than the M5, the allwheel drive version of the BMW M4.

The car is also the most luxurious car to date, with the new version having an interior with an additional 12 cubic feet of capacity and a new rear seat with a headrest.

The car has been specially designed for the country and is expected to be offered in limited numbers in 2020.BMW has also released the new BMW M5S, which is based on the 328i.

The M5 is an even more luxurious car, but the 330i is even more impressive.

This is the 330x, the 330e, and the 330c.

It has the same body shape as the M4 and M5 and is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-four with an output of 330 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque.

This car has a range of more than 800 miles and is capable of 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.

The BMW 328 has a higher output of 317 horsepower and 295 pound-years of torque and can go from 0-100 in 4.3 seconds.

This 330x is equipped with a seven-speed manual transmission and has a five-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, but it’s the BMW 328 that offers the best driving experience.

The 330x has an optional power assist system that helps the driver keep their balance, while also helping to reduce the impact on the front axle.

The 328i can be equipped with an adaptive cruise control system.