How to Buy a Nissan Leaf in the US

Nissan Leaf owners in the U.S. will be able to buy a new, electric car in mid-April.

The automaker has announced a special event for owners to get their hands on the new model, which will arrive in 2019.

The company said that the Nissan Leaf is “the most electrified vehicle in the world” and that it’s a “new paradigm” for vehicle ownership.

Nissan announced the event in late September, with CEO Carlos Ghosn saying the company’s goal is to create a new paradigm in the vehicle industry.

Here are the key highlights from the announcement.

Nissan Leaf’s $25,000 price tag is quite expensive for a car that is so widely popular, but the price may actually be justified for those who own a lot of them.

The Leaf is one of the cheapest cars on the market, costing a mere $31,900 when it was first released.

For that price, owners will be getting an electric car that has more power and a range of over 100 miles on a single charge.

The new model will be offered with an all-wheel drive system, though it is unclear if the Leaf will be sold in an all Wheel Drive (AWD) configuration.

It’s also unclear if buyers will be given the option to swap out their regular gasoline engine for the new electric version.

The hybrid version will have a gasoline engine but also a new battery pack.

The price is a good deal for an electric vehicle, but not by much.

As Nissan noted, the Leaf has been available since 2009, and its market share in the United States has decreased by over 10 percent in the past year alone.

The Leaf is the only new vehicle on the list that is currently sold in the states of California and Nevada.

The first Leaf was sold in 2008 in the Los Angeles area, and the company said it sold about 6 million cars in its first six months of sales.

It also said that its sales have increased more than 25 percent from the year prior.

However, Nissan said it expects that sales will slow in the next few years, as electric vehicle sales take off in the region.

The company also announced that the Leaf’s battery will be a “fully charged” unit, meaning that it will have fully charged capacity at the end of its life.

That means that owners will have the ability to charge the car as much as they want, and will have no problems keeping it running.

Nissan said the battery pack will be the same size as the Leaf.

In addition, the battery will offer up to 15 miles of range on a charge.

Nissan did not say when it plans to release the battery.