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Cars are expensive, but a car loan from a Chinese car dealership can be an attractive proposition for the average consumer.

The price of a car can be as much as $40,000 USD and the lender is usually a reputable business with strong reputation.

The lender offers a 3-month loan with a 30% deposit and the car can also be used for an extended period.

A Chinese company, Car Loans, has announced a new way to loan cars to the Chinese market.

Car Loans announced on Thursday that it will start accepting Chinese cars from its platform on November 16, 2018.

The company, which was founded by former auto industry executive Li Hongjun, will be one of the first Chinese car lenders to accept US and Japanese cars.

“Car loans in China are very popular, especially in areas like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing,” Li said in a statement.

“As the number of Chinese people moving to the United States has been growing rapidly, there has been a huge demand for foreign car loans.”

This has resulted in an increasing number of car loans being offered in China.

“The biggest growth in demand for car loans in recent years is from the country’s growing middle class,” said Li.

“China is the most popular car market for car buyers in the world and car loans are an attractive way to make that money.

The car loan market is a very complex market and car lenders are not equipped to handle it.

We are now making our platform the platform to serve the Chinese car market.”

Car loans will be available to buyers from China from November 16 to November 24.

According to the Car Loans’ website, “Car Loans is the first major Chinese car loan platform that is able to accept car loans from Chinese manufacturers.”

This is in line with Car Loans announcement of a new feature to its platform.

The platform will offer auto loan brokers and loan agents who accept Chinese car loans a new option to advertise on the platform.

“With the introduction of this new feature, we are able to expand our presence in China, which has a very large and growing car loan marketplace,” Li explained.

“We are now the leading Chinese car lender for the Chinese middle class and the new option allows us to serve that market even more.”

In addition to its partnership with Car Loan, the company plans to provide auto loan agents and brokers in China with the new feature.

“There is a lot of demand for the car loan service in China,” Li added.

“Chinese car lenders have been getting lots of complaints from customers, so we will help them improve their services even more to help them better cater to Chinese car buyers.”

In the future, Car loans and Car Loans agents will be able to work together on their own platforms, providing better services for Chinese car sellers and buyers.

As the Chinese auto industry continues to grow, there is a growing need for car loan services in China and the launch of Car Loans in China will be a major step towards fulfilling this need.

Car loans in the US and Japan are both still considered risky by many, but they are the safest way to earn a decent income.

In addition, many Chinese car dealerships have begun offering financing services through a network of local car dealers.

For those who are looking for a car, Car Loan can offer a loan for as low as $25.

Car loan agents in China can provide loans for as little as $20 per month and can be more expensive than a car purchase, but the rate is much lower than a conventional loan.

The Car Loans platform will expand on its previous partnership with the car dealership, providing financing services to customers in both China and in the United State.