Why we love Carrie and Mia and why you should too

We love Carrie, Mia and all the best of the best.

But we also know that, at the end of the day, we all need a break.

And with this in mind, here’s a list of some of our favorite things about these two women.


Their love for the outdoors is unmatched 2.

They love the outdoors and nature 3.

They live the outdoors themselves, and have a deep love for nature 4.

Mia is the “most creative mom” in the world 5.

They’ve traveled the world, even to remote areas where they couldn’t get a license 6.

Their kids are all grown up, and are getting married in the U.S. 7.

They are active in the local community and are passionate about raising kids that will grow up to be great adults, too.


Their children are all healthy, and Mia has never had a case of the flu 9.

They have been married for almost 25 years, and their children are grown up 10.

They’re just as good as the kids.

They share all of their passions and they’re so passionate about everything.


They don’t need to have the perfect body just to love a good body.

Their bodies are so beautiful and full of life, and they are so comfortable and they love being their own mother.


They take time to make sure that their kids get enough exercise and nutrition, and that they don’t get into unnecessary stress or addictions.


They work with their families to provide the best care possible for their kids, and for themselves.

They know how important family is and how important it is to make the most of your time with them.


They appreciate being on vacation when they are and they get to see how their lives have changed.


They understand that there is a huge difference between a perfect body and a perfect life.

Mia has been working with her family for 20 years, but Carrie has been a family for only two.

They really appreciate each other and want to do everything they can to make their kids happy.


Mia’s husband is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and Carrie is a teacher and a mom who’s dedicated to her children.


Mia and Carrie both love to travel, and both have amazing kids.

Mia travels the world on a full-time basis, and she is always excited to go to new places.

Carrie travels all over the world and is constantly looking forward to getting back home.


Mia works with her husband to help keep their kids healthy.

She has a very active schedule, so it’s hard to keep her busy when she is home with the kids and is trying to focus on what’s important.


They enjoy taking their kids on walks or walking the dog together, and when they get together, Mia loves to make them feel special.

Mia loves making her kids feel special, too, and is always looking forward for their special day.


They both love being in the sun and their kids are very much into outdoor activities.

Their dogs are also very much in love with the outdoors, and the kids love being out and exploring the world.

They also enjoy the outdoors.

They get to spend time with their kids and spend time outdoors with them, too!