Why are so many Americans shopping online?

Why are many Americans purchasing online, even as many other parts of the economy continue to suffer from the downturn?

The answer, according to a recent report from consulting firm NPD Group, may be because they’re spending less time on the phone.NPD estimates that shoppers are spending a greater share of their time in social media, where they are often texting, posting photos and videos, or browsing news websites than they are in their homes.

While it’s easy to forget, that most of the time consumers spend online is spent browsing.

NPD says more than 90% of online transactions happen on mobile devices.

And while online shopping has been growing steadily in the past few years, it’s been especially rapid in the last two years.

In 2017, online shoppers spent more than $14 billion, an increase of about 6% over 2016.

And that growth trend has continued in 2018, when online purchases topped $16 billion.

According to NPD, the number of online shoppers has doubled in just two years, and they are spending an average of $14.72 a month.

The rise in online spending is likely because consumers are spending more online.

And they’re also spending less at the checkout line.

According the NPD report, the average online shopper spends $8.15 less per month than a shopper who stays home, even though they’re paying less for goods and services.